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Select size, shape, colour, tail, front leg, head, pattern, social, ability, food, habitat or a combination and discover the name of the European mammal you have seen. For the English name, more photos and information click a mammal photo from below.
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Rattus norvegicus Rattus rattus Myocastor coypus Microtus agrestis Soricinae sp.
Microtus arvalis Crocidurinae sp. Cricetus cricetus Castor fiber Spermophilus citellus
Sciurus vulgaris Oryctolagus cuniculus Glis glis Ondatra zibethicus Mus musculus
Marmota marmota Lepus timidus Lepus europaeus Muscardinus avellanarius Arvicola amphibius
Apodemus sylvaticus

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