Which butterfly is that?

Select wingspan, profile, colour, eye-spot, antennae, CaterPillar size, cp skin, cp colour, cp pattern, type or a combination and discover the name of the European butterfly you have seen. For the English name, more photos and information click a butterfly photo from below.
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Tomares ballus Scoliopteryx libatrix Lythria cruentaria Hemithea aestivaria Mimas tiliae
Saturnia pavonia Smerinthus ocellata Lymantria monacha Agrius convolvuli Deilephila elpenor
Catocala nupta Zerynthia polyxena Parnassius phoebus Parnassius apollo Papilio machaon
Cyclophora linearia Colias hyale Marumba quercus Cymbalophora pudica