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Select size, shape, colour, legs, beak, neck, tail, habitat, food, nest or a combination and discover the name of the European bird you have spotted. For the English name, more photos and information click a bird photo from below.
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Passer hispaniolensis Estrilda astrild Bucanetes githagineus Alectoris rufa Tetrao urogallus
Lagopus mutus Emberiza calandra Serinus serinus Perdix perdix Passer montanus
Lyrurus tetrix Fringilla montifringilla Emberiza schoeniclus Emberiza citrinella Coccothraustes coccothraustes
Carduelis spinus Carduelis flammea Carduelis chloris Carduelis cannabina Pyrrhula pyrrhula
Passer domesticus Fringilla coelebs

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