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What criteria do we uphold:
The photo needs to depict the animal clearly, composition is not critical or does not need to be artistic, we are interested in a clear vieuw of the animal.
- The photo needs to be square or with the option to be.
- Minimum size is 1000x1000 pixels.
- Maximum size 4Mb.
- The sender has to own the rights and permits us to use the photo, even commercially.

Photo rights:
We will place your credentials at the photo.
If wanted we will link from the photo to your site.
We prefer to place photos with CC by SA 4.0 Find more information on this in the footer. If you want other rights we can inform you on the possibilities.

Photo size
We use square photos of minimal 1000*1000 pixels. The website shows the photos at 500*500 and the App will show the original up to 2000*2000 with the HD button. 2000*2000 photos are already 10 times larger than 500*500 so to keep things going on slower connections we have limited ourselves to this number.

Id LatinName
866 Sorex araneus
880 Staphylinus caesareus
856 Eucarta virgo

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