Rough Hawk's-beard

Crepis biennis
Aster family (Asteraceae)

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Crepis biennis is a European species of flowering plant in the family Asteraceae with the common name rough hawksbeard. It is native to Europe and Asia Minor, as well as being sparingly naturalized in scattered locations in the northeastern United States and on the island of Newfoundland in eastern Canada. Many people think that they are dandelions because they look so alike but that is only because both are in the daisy family.

Crepis biennis is a perennial herb up to 120 cm (48 inches) tall. One plant can produce as many as 14 small flower heads, each with up to 100 yellow ray florets but no disc florets.


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Size Shape Shape Colour Ranging
Size  Middle      Shape  Roset       Shape  Filled      Colour Ranging  Branched
Middle Roset Filled Branched
0 LookAlikes (LA):
Rough Hawk's-beard
Groot streepzaad
Crépide bisannuelle
Radichiella dei prati
Crepis biennis [L.]
Crepis biennis [L.]
Скерда двулетняя
Crepis biennis [L.]