Pulmonaria mollis [L.]

Pulmonaria mollis
Borage family (Boraginaceae)

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Pulmonaria mollis is a perennial species of herb. It is very similar to P. angustifolia.: 129 

The species is native to various parts of Europe and Asia.


The subspecies for this species include:

  • Pulmonaria mollis subsp. alpigena W. Sauer
  • Pulmonaria mollis subsp. mollis Hornem.

Distribution and habitat

It is native to Germany, China, Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, Mongolia, Bulgaria, and Russia. In England it is cultivated for its basal leaves.: 1879 

It often occurs in low abundance: 350  and can be found in deciduous forests, meadow slopes, as well stony places in the shade.: 549 




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Size Shape Colour Ranging
Size  Small       Shape  Roset       Colour Ranging  Shield
Small Roset Shield
0 LookAlikes (LA):
Pulmonaria mollis [L.]
Behaard longkruid
Weiches Lungenkraut
Pulmonaire molle
Pulmonaria mollis [L.]
Pulmonaria mollis [L.]
Pulmonaria mollis [L.]
Медуница мягкая
Pulmonaria mollis [L.]