Amelanchier lamarckii
Rose family (Rosaceae)

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Amelanchier lamarckii, also called juneberry, serviceberry or shadbush, is a large deciduous flowering shrub or small tree in the family Rosaceae. It is widely naturalised in Europe, where it is known as snowy mespilus (a name which is also attached to the related A. ovalis) or snowy mespil. The European plants are descendants of plants originally from eastern North America; there has been some escape also in North America of plants apparently secondarily derived from those European forms.

In spring it produces star-shaped white flowers, which appear at the same time as the new leaves unfurling. Its young berry-like pome fruits are dark red when young, but become dark purple when ripe. The fruits are edible and have an apple and sweet flavor. The leaves also change colour, opening pink, maturing to yellow-green, and turning red in autumn. It is widely cultivated as an ornamental plant. It has gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit.

This form is an apomictic microspecies, and presumed to be of hybrid origin (A. laevis and either A. arborea or A. canadensis) and therefore under the rules of botanical nomenclature it would be known as Amelanchier × lamarckii. Its common name "snowy mespilus" reflects its close relationship with the medlar genus, Mespilus.

The Latin specific epithet Lamarckii honors the French naturalist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck (1744-1829).


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Leaf size Leaf size Leaf shape Leaf edge Twig Bark Height Seed Seed shell Flower Flower type Type
Leaf size  < 5 cm      Leaf size  5-15 cm Leaf shape  thin-long   Leaf edge  smooth  Twig  opposite   Bark  smooth Height  5-30 m Seed Seed shell  soft Flower Flower type  roset Type  Deciduous
< 5 cm 5-15 cm thin-long smooth opposite smooth 5-30 m soft roset Deciduous
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Amelanchier lamarckii [L.]
Amelanchier lamarckii [L.]
Amelanchier lamarckii [L.]
Amelanchier lamarckii [L.]
Amelanchier lamarckii [L.]
Amelanchier lamarckii [L.]