Greater kudu

Tragelaphus strepsiceros
Bovids (Bovidae)



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Size Shape Colour Tail Tail Front leg Head Head Pattern Pattern Social Food Habitat Habitat
Size  > 180 cm    Shape  Deer        Colour Tail  Long        Tail  Hairy       Front leg  Hoof        Head  Mane        Head  Horns       Pattern  Lines Pattern  Marks Social  Herd/group  Food  Herbivore   Habitat  Forest      Habitat  Bushes
> 180 cm Deer Long Hairy Hoof Mane Horns Lines Marks Herd/group Herbivore Forest Bushes
0 LookAlikes (LA):
Greater kudu
Grote koedoe
Großer Kudu
Grand koudou
Cudù maggiore
Kudú mayor
Большой куду

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