Pale chanting goshawk

Melierax canorus
Hawks and eagles (Accipitridae)



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Size Shape Colour Legs Beak Neck Tail Habitat Habitat Habitat Social Social Food Food Nest
Size  60-90 cm    Shape  Bird of Prey Colour Legs  Common      Beak  Hooked      Neck  Short       Tail  Normal Habitat  Open        Habitat  Arid        Habitat  Bushes      Social  Solitary    Social  Pair        Food  Bugs        Food  Prey        Nest  Platform
60-90 cm Bird of Prey Common Hooked Short Normal Open Arid Bushes Solitary Pair Bugs Prey Platform
0 LookAlikes (LA):
Pale chanting goshawk
Großer Singhabicht
Autour chanteur
Astore cantante chiaro
Azor lagartijero claro
Светлый певчий ястреб

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