Grey go-away bird

Corythaixoides concolor
Turacos (Musophagidae)



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Size Shape Colour Legs Beak Neck Tail Habitat Habitat Habitat Social Social Food Food Food Nest
Size  15-40 cm    Shape  Parrot      Colour Legs  Common      Beak  Blunt       Neck  Short       Tail  Long        Habitat  Park/Urban  Habitat  Arid        Habitat  Bushes      Social  Pair        Nest  Platform    Food  Fruit       Food  Plants      Food  Bugs
15-40 cm Parrot Common Blunt Short Long Park/Urban Arid Bushes Pair Group/Flock Fruit Plants Bugs Platform
0 LookAlikes (LA):
Grey go-away bird
Grijze toerako
Grauer Lärmvogel
Touraco concolore
Turaco unicolore
Turaco unicolor
Tauraco mascarado
Серый бананоед

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