Golden digger wasp

Sphex funerarius
Thread-waisted wasps (Sphecidae)



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Size Shape Colour Leg Back Feeler Wing Wing Striking
Size  10-50 mm    Shape  Winged      Colour Leg  Six         Back  Hairy       Feeler  Visible     Wing  4 wings     Wing  Over back   Striking  Slender body
10-50 mm Winged Six Hairy Visible 4 wings Over back Slender body
1 LookAlikes (LA):
Red-banded sand wasp
Golden digger wasp
Sphex funerarius [L.]
Sphex gryllivore
Sphex funerarius [L.]
Sphex funerarius [L.]
Sphex funerarius [L.]
Сфекс желтоватый
Sphex funerarius [L.]

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