Mediterranean Katydid

Phaneroptera nana
Bush crickets (Tettigoniidae)



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Size Shape Colour Leg Back Feeler Wing Wing Striking
Size  10-50 mm    Shape  Jumper      Colour Leg  Six         Back  Smooth      Feeler  Very long   Wing  4 wings     Wing  On back     Striking  Long aft leg
10-50 mm Jumper Six Smooth Very long 4 wings On back Long aft leg
1 LookAlikes (LA):
Speckled bush-cricket
Mediterranean Katydid
Zuidelijke sikkelsprinkhaan
Vierpunktige Sichelschrecke
Phanéroptère méridional
Fanerottera nana
Phaneroptera nana [L.]
Phaneroptera nana [L.]
Phaneroptera nana [L.]
Phaneroptera nana [L.]

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