Crack willow

Salix fragilis
Willow family (Salicaceae)

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Salix fragilis is a scientific name that has historically been used for two different willows:

  • Salix euxina, a non-hybrid species
  • Salix × fragilis, the hybrid between Salix euxina and Salix alba



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Leaf size Leaf shape Leaf edge Twig Bark Height Seed Seed shell Flower Flower type Type
Leaf size  < 5 cm      Leaf shape  normal      Leaf edge  smooth  Twig  opposite   Bark  smooth Height  < 5 m Seed Seed shell  soft Flower Flower type  roset Type  Deciduous
< 5 cm normal smooth opposite smooth < 5 m soft roset Deciduous
0 LookAlikes (LA):
Crack willow
Saule fragile
Salice fragile
Salix fragilis [L.]
Ива ломкая
Salix fragilis [L.]