Solidago gigantea
Aster family (Asteraceae)

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Solidago gigantea is a North American plant species in the sunflower family. Its common names include tall goldenrod and giant goldenrod, among others.

Solidago gigantea is the state flower of Kentucky and Nebraska.


Solidago gigantea is a herb up to 200 cm (80 inches) tall, sometimes spreading by means of underground rhizomes. They often grow in clumps, with no leaves at the base but numerous leaves on the stem. At the top, each stem produces a sizable array of many small flower heads, sometimes several hundred. Each head is yellow, containing both disc florets and ray florets.


Solidago gigantea is found in a wide variety of natural habitats, although it is restricted to areas with at least seasonally moist soils.


It is a widespread species known from most of non-arctic North America east of the Rocky Mountains. It has been reported from every state and province from Alberta to Nova Scotia to Florida to Texas, and also from the state of Nuevo León in northeastern Mexico.

Environmental impact

Solidago gigantea is highly invasive throughout Europe and Asia. In its non-native range, it exerts a negative impact on native communities by decreasing species richness and diversity, apparently due to its intense competitive effects, rapid growth or polyploidization. In the non-native, European range several management option are applied, such as periodical flooding, mowing, mulching, grazing or herbicide to reduce the negative impact of the species on native biodiversity.


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Late guldenroede
Solidage géant
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Solidago gigantea [L.]
Solidago gigantea [L.]
Solidago gigantea [L.]
Solidago gigantea [L.]