Dwarf milkwort

Polygala amarella
Milkwort family (Polygalaceae)

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Polygala amarella (or P. amara), commonly known as dwarf milkwort or Kentish milkwort, is a plant of the family Polygalaceae. A European native, it grows on chalky grass land and limestone mountain pastures.

In 2009 it featured on a first class Royal Mail stamp in the series "Endangered Plants".




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Size Shape Shape Colour Ranging
Size  Small       Shape  Lip         Shape  Filled      Colour Ranging  Are
Small Lip Filled Are
0 LookAlikes (LA):
Dwarf milkwort
Bittere Vleugeltjesbloem
Bittere Kreuzblume
Polygala amarella [L.]
Polygala amarella [L.]
Polygala enana
Polygala amarella [L.]
Истод горьковатый
Polygala amarella [L.]